Who We Are

laintimaa.com is a luxury lingerie online boutique for those women who only ever wanted to look as sexy as they felt within. It is our endeavour to find your perfect fit, both physically and stylistically. Our efforts are to bring world’s best premium lingerie brand here and ensure that ‘You deserve what you desire.’

Word laintimaa is derived from two words – French word LA meaning THE English word INTIMA meaning INNER. Thus, laintimaa is meant to signify the inner thing of women and we aim to provide you with high end, contemporary and most fashionable luxury lingerie.

Lingerie for every occasion – everyday, fashion, sports, nursing, maternity or holiday- you will find here in laintimaa.com. We aim to relieve you from  trouble and frustration of wading through rack after rack in a crowded mall and get whatever and whenever you want – erotic thong, bikini collections, chemise, full gowns or bralette sets – just by a press of a button!

At laintimaa.com lingerie shopping is made very easy – you can shop by brand, size, price, colour, style or occasion! Further, you can order and get the things ordered without moving an inch from your place!

Our Company

This venture is being undertaken by Intima Trading Pvt Ltd. Intima Trading Pvt Ltd is a private limited company having its headquarters at Mumbai and operations spread all across the world. The company is promoted by people who are very knowledgeable about the fashion industry and are very passionate about the subject.


Our mission is to be different – in our values: empathy, originality, integrity and courage. These guide every decision we make and every action we take. And they fuel our commitment to drive profits through principles.


Our vision is to enhance and keep your self- confidence high, to help you to remain as relevant as ever and become a symbol of courage, fearless exploration and unwavering originality. We aim to remain innovative and relevant – today and tomorrow.