Bra Sizing Guide

To find out bra that fits you, you need to know your body size and cup size. For this, you need to take measurement of ‘under bust’ figure (band size) and ‘over bust’ figure (Fullest Bust size). Once you have these measurements, all you need to do is to refer the following table and determine the bra size!

  • For example, if your Under Bust size is 79 cm, you will fall within the 83-85 cm Band size range in the table below.










  • Therefore, your corresponding Cup size will be Cup D. Now it is simple to determine your bra size which is the combination of your body size and cup size. Thus your bra size (in this example) is 14D


  • Therefore, your corresponding body size will be a size 14. Further, if your Under Bust is 103 cm, and your body size is 14, you will fall within the 102-104 cm Bust range, in the table above